Berlin - takeoff Berlin - click click Japan - Tokyo - in a hurry II Love it Sonnez puis poussez The avenues Flapping Strictly staff only Crossing Happy face Cows crossing Entrances Faces Kitty-cat birthday Dry cleaning duck Symbolism Pile of tiles Noroshi lighthouse, Noto-hantō, Japan Thief making music Silver bike Mind the gap Keep left Private road Appel The gate Barbwire At night 38 Exit Traffic Taxi 40 Breakfast Legs Pastime Rest Hotel The store Happy New Year Christmas time Toilet No name No. 1 General rubbish Penguins crossing No Parking Jungle of signs Signage in front of Hung Sheng Temple Swing door Keep walking Technik Learning a new language Contrast Heavy storage bottles Straight ahead Jump Gone fishing Press Find your box Gone fishing Press the button Follow me (Denne vej == This way) Japanese flag Careful now Amager Strandpark (Copenhagen) Cross Emergency stop No. 5 You are here January 2006 Arrivals January 2006 Hie Jinja shrine entrance January 2006 Pattern January 2006 No uncaged animals January 2006 This way January 2006 Comme des Garçons store January 2006 Bus timetable January 2006 Signage January 2006 Plastic flowers January 2006 The Matrix January 2006 Flying penguin January 2006 Writing on the wall January 2006 Ouch Cuckoo cuckoo -> CPH For prayers Departure Snow sign