Death Valley - Racetrack Playa - California II Iceland - basalt pattern Iceland - Snæfellsnes II Crunchy Decor The doors Mosaics Flakes II Flakes Snow stripes Pattern recognition Night Movement Ice pattern Flower power Paint Wall pattern Halloween Veins Tentacle Log Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon II Sand pattern Sticker The wall Squares Dark ocean Groomed From above Yellow pattern Water pattern Shadows Created by nature Stone painting Snow roof HKIA Shells Pattern Fields from above Lyttelton tunnel, going to Christchurch Blue ice UFO Hundertwasser decorated public toilet in Kawakawa Red dots Pattern recognition Branching pattern Twisted Reproduction Mosaic The net Cross the line Camouflage Frames Red line Crossing Rings of metal Blob Stripes RGB Cotton fluffs Jump in Traces in the sand Everything but the kitchen sink Resistance Match Pathfinder Pattern II Yellow plastic The net Traces in the snow Pattern Door behind bars Gallery Brain game Stars January 2006 Pattern January 2006 Shadow January 2006 The Matrix January 2006 Roof, Kabuki theater Flour cinnamon Ice on the glass